Dance Classes

Dance Classes

All students take electives for certain reasons, because they are easy, they are entertaining, or because they need it to graduate.

In the dance classes, however there are students taking it because they actually enjoy it.

“I love dancing, and I took it last semester, and it was fun, so I took it again,” said Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln, a student of Nicole Berry.

“I think some people probably think it’s going to be easy, and I think different aspects of the class may be easy or challenging for different students,” said Berry, “My goal is that students will have to put in a lot of effort to earn an A, but I keep it fun by reminding them that their effort counts more than their skill level.”

Not only is it a fun class for experienced dancers, students who have never taken a  formal dance class also enjoy it.

“I really do like to dance,” said Emily Rudolph, a freshmen who has not had extensive dance experience.

It could be very easy to just simply focus on the experienced dancers, and leave out the others, but Berry tries her best to keep it integrated.

“When it comes to new dancers, I’m happy just to see students giving dance their personal best and being able to express themselves in a new way.  With experienced dancers I get to see some of my choreographic visions come to life on stage, and that’s satisfying in a different way,” said Berry.

Dance is offered both third and fourth blocks next year, in both semesters.

by Sam White