Mustang Radio takes world stage

Mustang Radio takes world stage

What started as a low-frequency F.M. radio station has expanded into a world-wide web-based radio. Mustang Radio has now been live streaming over the Internet for two years. The radio shows from two years ago to now have changed a lot, from the popular music of Dubstep to Country Music. Not only has the music changed, but also the people who have joined Mustang Radio.

“We have more underclassman wanting to join. They have to have good grades, technology background, and the love for different genres of music,” said Virginia Swinney. She has been in charge of Mustang Radio for seven years now starting when Terry Lee, one of the creators of Mustang Radio who was a freshman, thought of the idea of a radio station.


Mustang Radio wants to continue expanding when new dee jays and a new sponsor take over. Wanting to still have it live streaming and fans tuning in, they would like to see the new ideas that will be brought to the table when they leave Mustang Radio into the hands of people who can create something bigger and better.

By Special Contributor, Selena Wupper