Fresh Seniority

It all rushes by so fast, and yet each moment on its own lingers oh so slowly. To the freshman, a long arduous struggle with academia lies ahead. To the senior, I suppose an eternity of schooling lies behind them in a moment of quick dismissal. Each semester feels like a year of its own, yet the past several together feel like a passing second.

Sitting in class itching for the next minute, the next hour, the next days and weeks to just pass by, takes forever. Yet when the time finally passes by, it does so in a quick agile succession of years leaving you wondering where it all went and how you got there.

How did you get through it, were you simply marking time until 3:10, the weekend, summer? Or perhaps you chose to spend it unadulterated and as intended, working hard for this short but lingering while to attain success later.

Another Senior class is close in the wings, waiting to pass. That painfully long minute you enter High School is a mere moment before you leave. Use it wisely.

By Jon Harmor