MSHS students to perform at Lyrical Lounge


Tim Hilt breaks it down Photo by Prospector Staff

On Friday Apr.12, two poetry slam students, sophomores Isabel Dufford and Naomi Bauer, will be competing at Lyrical Lounge, a citywide competition that will showcases the top poets from local Colorado high schools.

Six other local schools will be competing against Manitou on Friday, but Poetry Slam Sponsor Tim Hilt isn’t worried.

“I think they’ve been set for a while,” said Hilt.

Tim Hilt breaks it down Photo by Prospector Staff
Tim Hilt breaks it down.
Photo by Prospector Staff

The poets will be judged by a panel of three, who can range anywhere from English professors to city council members. Both the poem’s content and performance will be judged. However, some judges are not English majors, so they might rely heavily on how the slammer performs the poem in order to make their final decisions.

“When it comes to something like this, it’s often more about the performance than the actual content of the poems,” said sophomore Isabel Dufford.

Sophomore Isabel Dufford performs her poems. Photo by Prospector Staff
Sophomore Isabel Dufford performs her poem.
Photo by Prospector Staff

For those of you who have never seen Slam Poetry before, Hilt would describe it as “a cross between forensic presentation and poetic art”. The content is usually about some sort of activism, but that isn’t always the case. Students will have to read three poems each for this competition, so they have the chance of featuring different sides of their writing.

“I really just chose the best three poems I had… the ones I felt most comfortable performing,” said Dufford

Lyrical Lounge will be located at the City Auditorium: 221 East Kiowa and starts at 6:00 pm. Tickets are three dollars per person.

Manitou will also have a slam at UCCS on Apr. 26, which will feature three different students, sophomores Abbi Chapman and Phoenix Davis, and senior Emma Brachtenbach. This competition will be judged by more standard poetry slam rules and typically contains edgier content.

“Our top seeded slammers all opted to go to that slam… We typically like that one a little more,” said Hilt.

By Hannah Tooley